Rotherham Scheme Is As Safe As Houses


EMPTY homes awaiting tenants in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, are being protected from burglary by Selectamark’s permanent marking and labelling system.

Housing management organisation 2010 Rotherham was keen to introduce new security measures following a spate of thefts from council-owned homes in the area that are in the process of being re-let. The scheme is being funded by the Safer Rotherham Partnership.

Around 1,500 council homes a year become empty in Rotherham as one tenant moves out and another prepares to move in. Before a new tenant takes up residence, 2010 Rotherham send in workmen to repair the property and ensure it meets the Empty Property standard.

During this time the home can become vulnerable to burglary with boilers and copper piping being the main target for thieves.
Chris Gaynor from 2010 Rotherham said: “We have the responsibility of managing, repairing and improving over 21,000 council houses across the borough and aim to create the safest environment possible for our customers.”

He continued: “We want burglars to be aware of the fact that property in our homes is permanently and visibly marked and therefore it is not worth their while to steal it.

“Not only is marked property immediately less valuable to sell on, but also scrap metal yards won’t touch it if they see a marking on it. It is impossible for a burglar to remove the marking and it will be immediately obvious to a police officer if that has been attempted.”

Chris Gaynor concluded: “By using permanent marking in our empty homes it reinforces to would-be thieves that they are more likely to get caught than get away with our property.”


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