Security Labels


Tesa Automotive security labelling

Whether it is VIN, certification, service, security or warning and instruction information, a variety of labelling systems are required throughout the vehicle. Some of these have to be tamper proof whilst others need to resist extreme external influences such as the heat of the engine area. Our Tesa labels fullfill the toughest environmental requirements including thermal, chemical and physical influences to survive the entire vehicle lifetime. These tesa tags are black with white lettering ensuring that they are easily and quickly read even in the most difficult to get to areas.

Manufacturing security labels

Product security and inventory tracking are among the multiple applications of security labels. Used by manufacturers, distributors, police and the education sector, security tags not only identify and permanently mark products but they can also reveal whether items such as mechanical and electronic goods have been tampered with.

Cost-effective security labels

Security labels also offer a cost-effective and easy way to identify and track stock in warehouses or stock rooms. Made from specialized materials and coatings, security labels can be applied to product surfaces, containers, boxes and other forms of packaging without damaging them.

Selectamark offers a number of of security labels, two of which are designed to show evidence of tampering. The Tamper Resistant (destructible vinyl) labels cannot be removed in one piece, breaking into tiny pieces when removal is attempted. The Void Polyester label leaves the word VOID behind on the asset so it cannot be easily replaced or reused . Both types of label can be printed with barcodes and serial numbers, and company logos can also be added.

For inexpensive white labels with simple black numbering and lettering, our vinyl PVC labels are ideal and fit into must peoples’ budgets.

To design your own label using the SelectaLabel Label Maker, please click the 'Design Yours' button below. To find out more about the wide range of security solutions Selectamark can offer, just call 01689 860757 or email [email protected]



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