We provide a critical service to frontline services such as the NHS, Police and Government, to protect the public, employees and critical equipment and infrastructure from all types of crime.
We also provide key asset management solutions to vital public and private sector organisations. As it is important to keep them and their suppliers working at full capacity, we have kept our business open and are working safely and within the government guidelines.

QR Code Labels


Aiming for a Quick Response

You’ve probably seen them in magazines, on advertising billboards and even on food and drink items, and maybe even wondered what they were – but the use of new technology in the form of QR Codes or Quick Response Codes is growing in popularity as a marketing tool.

Compared to traditional barcodes, the QR Codes, which feature black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background, allow larger amounts of data to be encoded and scanned faster. They can be read using Smartphone apps which scan the QR Codes, read hyperlinks, and bring the user directly to a website where web pages, videos, and other online content can be viewed.

Bespoke QR Code Labels

There are many different types of data that you can customize your QR code with and Selectamark can produce bespoke QR Code Labels to allow you to share with your customer product information, discounts and coupons, contact information, addresses, and URLs - all of which open up in the web browser of their mobile phone.

Your QR Code Label can even act as a virtual business card that will input your contact information directly into the user’s contacts list on their phone.

QR codes tailored to your needs

Whatever data you wish to include, QR Codes Labels can be tailored to suit your business marketing needs.

To design your own label using the SelectaLabel Label Maker, please click the 'Design Yours' button below. To find out more about the wide range of security solutions Selectamark can offer, just call 01689 860757 or email [email protected]



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