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Most businesses have a large amount of corporate property they wish to safeguard and track using asset labels. Property often includes PCs, laptops, printers, presentation equipment and other valuable electronic items. Other businesses may have tools, machinery and other valuable items used or kept outdoors. All these assets are often difficult to manage and keep track of.

Peace of mind for businesses using asset labels

In the highly competitive world of business, it is important to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your assets are well protected and traceable with asset tags. SelectaLabel offers a varied range of high quality asset labels in order to achieve that goal.

Low cost property marking (such as Selectamark Permanent Marking) with the name and postcode of your company, used in conjunction with a Silver Laminated Polyester barcode label is ideal for deterring thieves and tracking valuable assets within your organisation.

A more cost effective option would be the Laminated Polypropylene label which can also be printed in various colours with a sequential asset number and barcode.

For a label with a security feature, you may wish to consider the Tamper Resistant label which breaks up into tiny pieces if removal is attempted. The benefit of these labels though is that they are very difficult to remove and cannot be peeled off and transferred to other items.

The most secure and durable label in the range is the TESA Security label which comes in black with white text, and is now also available with barcoding if required. These labels are laser-etched and offer superb resistant to heat, chemicals, weather and abrasion.

Rugged asset labels for businesses

For businesses with equipment that reaches very high temperatures, an Anodised Aluminium may be the best solution. If you like the appearance of a metalised label but your budget doesn’t allow it, an excellent alternative is the Silver Laminated Polyester label.

For businesses who wish to see if an item or label has been tampered with, the Silver Void labels and Tamper Resistant labels are an excellent form of security or tamper evident seal.

Regardless of the type of property that you wish to keep track of, it is possible to find a form of SelectaLabel that will more than meet your needs.

To design your own label using the SelectaLabel Label Maker, please click the 'Design Yours' button below. To find out more about the wide range of security solutions Selectamark can offer, just call 01689 860757 or email [email protected]



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