Police Labels


The majority of UK Police Forces use Selectamark products and labels in crime prevention initiatives to deter theft and burglary from residential properties.
Property marking has long been recommended by the Police and the Home Office. Their guidance to the public for these products should now recommend only companies who have attained the Police approved Secured by Design accreditation and the Loss Prevention Certification Board standard LPS1224. These are the property marking guidelines of ACPO (the Association of Chief Police Officers).

Selectamark works closely with many Police forces throughout the UK. Not only do we provide them with cost-effective marking kits to carry out mass marking initiatives in ‘hot spot’ crime areas, but we also supply asset labels and security seals for asset tracking purposes and operational duty.

A Silver Laminated Polyester barcode label is ideal for tracking valuable IT equipment within your Police Station.

Police labels with security features

For a label with a security feature, you may wish to consider the Tamper Resistant label which breaks up into tiny pieces if removal is attempted. The benefit of these labels is that they are very difficult to remove and cannot be peeled off and transferred to other items.

The most secure and durable label in the range is the TESA Security label which comes in black with white text, and is now also available with barcoding if required. These labels are laser-etched and offer superb resistant to heat, chemicals, weather and abrasion.

For teams who wish to see if an item or label has been tampered with, the Silver Void labels and Tamper Resistant labels are an excellent form of security or tamper evident seal. Please also ask about our Black Void Polyester seals for use on street furniture.

Labels for Police owned assets

We offer a wide range of labels to identify and protect assets including police torches, truncheons, batons, shields, laptops and PDAs. By using asset stickers, property officers can quickly and easily manage large voumes of assets and ensure that losses are minimised. An asset register using a simple excel spreadsheet or more flexible asset management software will ensure that assets are signed in and out to officers with ease.

Selectamark hold a database of Police Officers to regularly update them with new products and initiatives. If you would like to be added to this, please e-mail your details to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Many Police forces currently use our latest SelectaDNA forensic marking system in burglary reduction initiatives across the UK and have achieved impressive results. Click here to find out more about SelectaDNA (www.selectadna.co.uk).

To design your own label using the SelectaLabel Label Maker, please click the 'Design Yours' button below. To find out more about the wide range of security solutions Selectamark can offer, just call 01689 860757 or email [email protected]



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