Healthcare & NHS Labels


Healthcare providers and NHS Trusts have highly valuable equipment on their premises and ensuring that these items are asset tracked and registered is one of the best means by which to secure against loss.


Hospitals contain a vast amount of expensive and vital equipment that needs to be safeguarded in order to provide the best possible patient care. These items include scanners, monitors, PCs, laptops, patient beds, kitchen appliances and even walking frames.

When laptops and PCs go missing, it is not just the cost of replacement which should be of concern. It is far too easy to leave on your hard disk confidential patient details, important research notes and lecture papers that often amount to a lifetime’s work.

Laptops and PCs are high risk items when left unattended in public spaces or unlocked consultation rooms and other medical equipment is often borrowed from one department to another – both these situations can leave staff without the necessary tools to carry out their work. The use of asset labels is one of the best and most cost effective ways of ensuring your IT equipment remains safe and in the location it should be.

Low cost property marking (such as Selectamark Permanent Marking permanent marking) with the name and postcode of your organisation, used in conjunction with a Silver Laminated Polyester barcode label is ideal for deterring thieves and tracking valuable assets within your hospital or medical centre.

A more cost effective option would be the Laminated Polypropylene label which can also be printed in various colours with a sequential asset number and barcode.

If you need to add information to the label at the time of application, such as a date or serial number, the Write and Seal label offers an excellent solution.

Healthcare labels ideal for identifying endoscopes and other expensive medical devices

The most secure and durable label in the range is the TESA Security label which comes in black with white text, and is now also available with barcoding if required. These labels are laser-etched and offer superb resistant to heat, chemicals, weather and abrasion. These healthcare labels are ideal for identifying endoscopes, expensive medical devices and doctors’ laptops.

For hospitals who wish to see if an item or label has been tampered with, the Silver Void labels and Tamper Resistant labels are an excellent form of security or tamper evident seal.

Regardless of the type of property that you wish to keep track of, it is possible to find a form of SelectaLabel that will more than meet your needs.


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