Tighter Control Of Academy Assets


ACADEMY schools throughout the UK are using Selectamark’s visible permanent marking system together with various labels from the SelectaLabel range to protect valuable assets from theft.

The schools are using a special registered stencil kit and label system to mark items such as laptops, PCs, electronic whiteboards and projectors with a unique reference number. This is kept on a secure database and can be used to trace stolen equipment. It also allows police to link criminals caught stealing these items to the exact crime scenes.

Among the Academies using Selectamark and SelectaLabel are Strood Academy in Rochester, The Nuneaton Academy in Warwickshire, and The Oxford Academy in Oxford.

An IT staff member from The Oxford Academy said: “We are using Selectamark to stencil mark all of our new laptops. We have over 300 at the Academy which are stored in moveable cabinets which can be wheeled anywhere on the premises.”

He added: “Students can help themselves to the laptops when they need them, but we wanted to make sure they are traceable back to us in the event that any are stolen or misplaced. Selectamark and SelectaLabel makes this possible.”


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